Football is a game where teams of players squabble over the ball. When it goes out of play, a player gets a corner kick or a goal kick. The players must learn the basics of the game and the rules of the game. They must know which equipment is used and how to use it to play the game properly.

Rules of the game

The rules of football date back to 1863. The first book of football rules was written by Ebenezer Cobb Morley, who was the secretary of the Football Association. He did not write a “Guide to Football Literature,” which is what the book’s title implies, but instead wrote a set of rules to ensure that games were fair and the rules would be adhered to.

Players’ responsibilities

There are many players in football, but there are specific roles and responsibilities for each. The quarterback is the leader of the team and calls plays from the huddle. He also throws the ball to receivers and runs with it. In addition to the quarterback, players also include a running back and a fullback. The running back is the primary target for passing plays, and he is often referred to as a tailback. In addition, the fullback’s primary responsibility is to block for the running back and to protect the quarterback. He is generally a bigger player than the running back, but he can also catch the ball and play the role of a short-yard runner.


Football players must wear equipment to protect their body during a game. This protective gear can be of many different types and is used to keep players safe during a game.

Goalkeepers’ responsibilities

In association football, the goalkeeper is the most specialised position on the field. Their main function is to prevent the opposing team from scoring.


Offsides in football is a common pre-snap defensive penalty that is easy to fix, but the key is awareness. A player is considered offside if any part of his body is beyond the line of scrimmage or neutral zone when the ball is snapped. The penalty for this is a loss of five yards. In a recent game, Dee Ford was flagged offsides by the New England Patriots.


Punts in football are an important part of the game and must be performed correctly. In order to be effective, you must know the proper technique and form. First, you must position the football on the ground and take your first step with the kicking foot. This step should be short, covering about one yard. Avoid taking long, lunging steps because these may throw your center of gravity off. In addition, it is important to keep your leg straight and kick with all of your force. Then, after kicking, make sure to rotate your foot and keep it straight.

Extra points

The scoring team may attempt to score two points by scoring an extra point. It happens after the team scores a touchdown.