Biden Sees Nothing Political As He Pre-Promises Florida Aid For Ian

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said President Biden sees nothing political in Hurricane Ian as he has already pre-promised aid to Florida. Video of Wallace:   Nicolle Wallace said on her show Deadline: White House: This President, this White House has already approved whatever aid is requested by the state of Florida. I don’t even think those […]

US News and World Report

US News & World Report is a media company in the United States that publishes news, consumer advice, rankings, and analysis. It was founded in 1948 when two magazines merged. The company continues to produce its flagship magazine, US News, while also offering consumer reports and other services. What sets US News apart from other […]

Staff Says Ron DeSantis Mocks Trump As A Moron

One of DeSantis’s greatest gifts is the ability to hide his serious intellect behind the facade of being a bumbling idiot. DeSantis is smart enough to know that if he appears to wield his serious intelligence (Yale, Harvard Law), he is finished as a MAGA. He wouldn’t be as “real.” It makes DeSantis especially dangerous. […]

Changes in the News

The news is a form of media that conveys current events in a timely and relevant manner. In the past, news was either hand-carried by a reporter or phoned into the newsroom. Once there, the news was typed and transmitted via wire services. As a result, breaking news took a lot of time and effort […]

Rachel Maddow Chillingly Exposes What Is At Stake In The Midterm

Rachel Maddow explained that election-denying Republicans want to stay in power without having to serve you and your needs. Video of Maddow: Maddow said: It is about separating power from the preferences of the people. Instead, just ruling over the people by force for their own purposes and to meet their own needs instead of […]

US News & World Report

US News & World Report is an American media company that publishes news, rankings, analysis, and consumer advice. The company was founded in 1948, as a merger of two magazines. It has been around since the beginning. In addition to publishing news, US News has published rankings and analysis of businesses and issues in the […]

The 1/6 Investigation May Continue Even If Democrats Lose The House

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said that evidence is being preserved so that others can pick up the 1/6 investigation if Democrats lose the House. Video of Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) on Meet The Press: Transcript via: Meet The Press: CHUCK TODD: So if the Democrats hold the Senate though, you’ll know this in December? If […]

How News Is Selected and Disseminated

In an age where social media is becoming the dominant form of communication, the way news is selected and disseminated is changing. In the past, only newspapers dominated news stories, but in the digital age, audiences are influencing news selection. Today, audiences are recommending and sharing stories through social media. This shift is affecting journalists’ […]

Trump Declares Himself Second Only To Jesus

Donald Trump is one of the few people on earth narcissistic enough and arrogant enough (redundant?) to be comfortable with declarations that he’s close to a deity, if not fully worthy of worship. Not only is Trump “comfortable” with such memes, but Trump also wants more people to see them. It isn’t enough to enjoy […]

US News and World Report Ranks MIT As No. 2 in the Nation

US News & World Report is an American media company that publishes news, consumer advice, rankings, and analysis. It was founded in 1948 as a merger of two magazines. The company focuses on business and technology, but the company also provides educational and lifestyle information to its audience. It publishes a variety of content, including […]