‘Flash droughts’ are Midwest’s next big climate threat

September in Oklahoma is typically a rainy season, when farmers take advantage of the state’s third-wettest month to plant winter wheat. But last year, many were caught off guard by abnormally dry weather that descended without warning. In the span of just three weeks, nearly three-quarters of the state began experiencing drought conditions, ranging from […]

This barn achieved LEED Platinum with its Zen design

The Zen Barn by Christopher Simmonds Architect is a home in a historic Ottawa neighborhood. It achieved LEED Platinum for homes status while maximizing on a casual, modern style. The second story is cantilevered over the first story to shade it from the sun, while a recessed courtyard allows for large windows on the south […]

Scientists discover how to stop banana peels from browning

Understanding and changing how banana peels brown could help the world save tons of food that go to waste each year, according to a new study published in “Physical Biology.” The researchers looked at the root cause of browning in bananas and other fruit typically found in someone’s home. They found that the browning process is […]

Plants grow in lunar soil for first time

If you’ve ever dreamed of moving to the moon and planting a garden, you just might be in luck. A new study has successfully grown plants in lunar soil for the first time. Continue reading below Our Featured Videos University of Florida scientists managed to germinate thale cress in soil samples collected by Apollo 11, […]

Can a controversial desalination plant ease California’s drought?

Spurred on by the western megadrought, the California Coastal Commission is expected to vote this week on a controversial $1.4 billion desalination plant near Huntington State Beach. Proponents say it could help the drinking water shortage. Skeptics claim marine life will pay the price. Continue reading below Our Featured Videos Poseidon Water paints a rosy […]

Organic mushroom farm sets up shop in LA County

Soon Los Angeles shoppers will be able to buy organic, locally grown mushrooms in more than 90 stores. A mushroom farming company called Smallhold is opening a 34,000-foot shroom enterprise in LA County. Continue reading below Our Featured Videos It all started in a shipping container under the Williamsburg Bridge five years ago. The Brooklyn-based […]

Commercial fishing waste causes growing concern

With 820 million people globally going hungry, the scandal of fish waste is especially shocking. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) about 35% of all fish, mollusks and crustaceans taken from the world’s waters never reach a dinner plate. Continue reading below Our Featured Videos The images are startling. Silver carpets of […]

Senior home builds a social and eco-friendly community

Located in West Los Angeles, the Howard and Irene Levine Senior Community is a mid-rise housing development for low-income seniors and homeless senior veterans. The apartments were designed by KFA Architecture for Mercy Housing of California. Continue reading below Our Featured Videos The project sits along Pico Boulevard and is well-knit into the neighborhood’s urban […]

California drought requires water rationing

Millions of California residents risk lacking water for essential use in the near future if they do not start rationing it now. Over six million residents of Southern California are called upon to cut their water usage, following a once-in-a-millennium drought that has lasted longer than expected, driving the water levels in reservoirs to historic lows. Continue […]

These micro-farms put a new spin to farm-to-table

We all know fresh is best when it comes to food. However, most produce at the store endured weeks of travel and covered hundreds of miles before reaching the table. While farmer’s markets are a solid choice to cut the farm-to-table distance, Babylon Micro-Farm shortens the journey even more. Babylon Micro-Farm is an indoor garden […]