Giant asteroid to zoom past Earth this week

A giant asteroid measuring more than a mile long will zoom past the Earth this week. The “potentially hazardous” asteroid, named 1989 JA, is the largest expected to get very close to the planet in 2022. Continue reading below Our Featured Videos Experts say that an asteroid this large could cause catastrophic damage if it […]

Chuck Schumer Announces The Senate Will Begin Voting On Gun Legislation Tomorrow

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced that the Senate will begin the process of voting on gun legislation tomorrow. In remarks provided to PoliticusUSA, Schumer said on the Senate floor: So I plan to object to passing this measure today through consent, but I would tell my colleague from Wisconsin, tomorrow we CAN begin voting […]

Mountains of sugar are hiding beneath seagrass meadows

Scientists have found a mindboggling deposit of sugar in an odd place: underneath seagrass meadows in the oceans of the world. Continue reading below Our Featured Videos According to researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, seagrass meadows conceal mountains of sugar. It’s like a Willy Wonka fantasy, with enough sugar to power […]

World’s longest mountain range is mostly under water

Far beneath the ocean’s surface stretches the world’s longest mountain range. It’s one of the world’s great mysteries, barely explored beyond mapping and involved in all kinds of seismic activity. Continue reading below Our Featured Videos The zig zagging mid-ocean ridge (yes, it deserves a catchier, more majestic name) zig zags around the globe for […]

Modern home in Ukraine merges residence and art gallery

The Residence in the Garden of Rocks is located in the southern suburb of Kyiv, Ukraine along the canal. The client wanted the house to suit his family’s needs while showcasing his collection of modern sculptures. Continue reading below Our Featured Videos The owner had already constructed the house’s shell when he asked the team […]

Dan Rather Makes The Perfect Argument For Why Fox Is Not News

Legendary journalist Dan Rather called out the insider game of Rupert Murdoch’s network and showed why Fox is not news. Dan Rather Explains Why Fox Is A Political Operation Rather wrote on his Substack: Needless to say, if a reporter at a news organization other than Fox supported a candidate with half as much complicity […]

This water dispenser uses smart technology for a clean drink

Innovative solutions are essential for removing petroleum-based plastics from our daily life. Bevi, a bubbly, bottleless water dispenser for offices and commercial spaces, is dedicated to offering a variety of drink options, sans the plastic bottle.  Bevi currently has two models of water dispensers. The Standup 2.0 is a floor model much like the size and […]

Rudy Giuliani Delivers Potentially Devastating Information To 1/6 Committee

CNN reports that Rudy Giuliani spent over nine hours testifying to the Select Oversight Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection on Friday. It is difficult to imagine how Guiliani could navigate that minefield without his lawyer turning Rudy’s microphone off and shouting, “Under the advice of counsel, I am invoking my 5th Amendment right to […]